start: 1 January 2014
end: 28 September 2016

Health and Beauty

01. Get to ultimate goal weight.

02. Get a complete physical.

03. No chocolate/candy for two weeks (14 days) straight.

04. Get teeth professionally cleaned.

05. Keep a food journal for a month, at least six times. (0/6)

06. Drink only water for at least 42 non-consecutive days. (0/42)

07. Get at least three mani/pedis. (0/3)

08. Eat vegetarian for 60 non-consecutive days. (22/60)

09. Drink fresh brewed tea for a week, thirty times. (0/30)

10. Visit a dermatologist.

11. Complete a 5k run in under an hour.

12. Complete a 10k training program.

13. Private.

14. Private.

15. Donate blood.

Personal Improvement

16. Create an altar space.

17. Re-arrange bedroom.

18. Do not curse for a whole day, for 28 non-consecutive days. (0/28)

19. Yoga everyday for two weeks (14 days) straight.

20. Get two tattoos. (0/2)

21. Tidy flat/room at least 15 mins each week.

22. Make to-do lists on Sundays.

23. Receive AP Certification in French.

24. Gain QTS.

25. Read fifty books. (0/50)

26. Keep a dream journal for six (6) non-consecutive months. (0/6)

27. Get a pet.

28. Become a tutor.

29. Go on a trip with Random Acts.

30. Research Peace Corps.


31. Watch at least fifty (50) movies.

32. Complete NaNoWriMo twice.

33. Don't watch any television for twenty-eight (28) non-consecutive days. (0/28)

34. Go to one fan convention.

35. Write one piece of fan-fiction.

36. Finish GYWO twice.

37. Perhaps make one vine?

38. Go to one concert/symphony/play.

39. Learn to crochet.

40. Write at least five postcards.

41. Make magnets.

42. Participate in GISHWHES.

43. Watch all the episodes of one TV show.


44. Perhaps create a travel blog?

45. Stay off the phone/internet for three straight days.

46. Do ADIML at least eighteen (18) times. (2/18)

47. Donate 10,0000 grains of rice at (8420/10000)

48. Fund five interesting Kickstarters.

49. Use your bloody DS.

Life Skills

50. Finish all levels of Spanish Rosetta.

51. Finish a beginning Russian book.

52. Research geo-caching.

53. Save at least 50$US (or equiv currency) every month. (0/2200)

54. Buy nothing for 100, non-consecutive days. (0/100)

55. Finish first level of Genki! Japanese program.

56. Take some sort of painting course.

57. Learn to ride a bike.

58. Get a flat. 23 August 2014

59. Be able to make five amazing alcoholic drinks.

60. Learn to play chess.

61. Live in a hotel for a week.

62. Become an officer in a church committee. 15 June 2014

63. Make an official packing list.

64. Learn to swing dance.

65. Organise, organise, organise!

Social Skills

66. Host a NaNoWriMo event?

67. Get two pen/e-mail pals.

68. Have two dinner parties.

69. Kiss someone at midnight on New Years Eve.

70. Go to a wine tasting.

71. Take pictures in a photo booth.

72. Kiss a stranger.

73. Take tea in a restaurant.

74. Become a Couch-surfing host.

75. Host a boardgame night. 17 January 2014

76. Private.

77. Host a themed party.

78. Join 15 February 2014


79. Cleveland, OH, USA. 5-13 April 2014

80. Austin, TX, USA.

81. Chicago, IL, USA.

82. Newcastle, UK.

83. France.

84. New Orleans, LA, USA.

85. Take a cruise with my mother.

86. Las Vegas, NV, USA.

87. Boston, MA, USA.

88. Road trip.

89. Atlanta, GA, USA.

90. London, UK.


91. A piece of UU jewelry.

92. GISHWHES merch.

93. Five things from Think Geek. (0/5)

94. NaNoWriMo donation/merch.

95. Five things from Amazon wishlist. (0/5)

96. Five things from J-List wishlist. (0/5)

97. Five things from etsy. (0/5)

98. Two pairs of Sole Rebels shoes.

99. Moleskine journal.


100. Donate $5 for every goal not accomplished at the end of the 1001 days.

101. Update list once a month.

note: goal not accomplished if less than 70% of the goal was finished, or a singular goal was not accomplished.

From: [identity profile]

I really like your list, although I must admit that your travel plans are ambitious. Hope you make all the places you have listed :) Good luck with everything.

From: (Anonymous)

Z post

Sorry to hear about the job . That sucks. Some years are like that. It might be a year of nothing appearing to happen, like a seed growing in the dirt, or a plant dormant in winter, but gather your strength and keep dreaming, because when spring approaches, you'll want to be ready. Thank you so much for participating in the A to Z Challenge! You rock! Congrats on getting to the letter Z! Reminder: there will be an A to Z Reflections round on May 4th. There will be a Linky for it on the main blog, so please look for it there! Please post your reflections on the challenge, visit others, and catch up on the blogs you didn't have time to read!
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