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I could probably write this in German, but it would be filled with embarrassing grammatical errors because I am a lazy, lazy sod.

My mother is German, and I have dual citizenship. I am so, so proud of being German, but mostly, I am proud of being European. I feel European (and German) much more than being American. I was born in Texas, but I feel no connexion with it. If I had to choose to live anywhere in the world, I'd live in Europe: Either in England or Scotland, France or Germany, with the Netherlands and Sweden very close behind.

Weirdly, I can't articulate what it means to be German, other than the language and the common history. I know what the stereotypes are: ruthless efficiency, lack of a sense of humour, and pessimism, but none of those apply to me (though they sort of apply to my mother).

What does it mean to be anything, really? What does it mean to be American, or French or German? I'm sure this has been the question of the ages, really, and caused a lot more grief than necessary.

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I have German on both sides. But nobody speaks a lick of it today.

Stephen Tremp
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Ich bin 100% Deutsch .... aber hauptsächlich ein Mensch :)

Do People abroad really think we have no sense of Humor? I laugh a lot, so do the People around me. We can laugh, we do have fun, we enjoy ourselves,
we have comedians and Comedy Shows too. It's all so stereotypical ... (wow is that even an english word).
I think it is fun when many different nations come together or share their Backgrounds. Whenever we are abroad we end up thinking, wow we are so German lol.
When we are HERE I would never say wow it is all so german here .... you just kinda notice it when you are not in the Country that you lack things or that others
apparantly seem to lack something that you are used to. Oh dear, I could ramble on this Topic forever and a day!

Ich hoffe dir geht es sonst gut ?

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ja, es geht mir sowieso gut :D

also, yes, my students sometimes tease me for being 'too german'. i'm very efficient and tidy which is what most americans think of germans. i think germans make very good teachers though, even though i'm teaching french!!

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hey there
I am also a citizen of the U.S. and Germany, and my identity in regards to this is something I've grappled with a lot in recent years.


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